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Taz BioThierry Alexandre Zambo. Call him Taz. And a bit insane when it comes to music. Unable to resist the pull of used CD stores and interesting music projects, Taz navigates from one challenging gig to another. His main modus operandi : playing with musicians that stretch the limits of his bass-playing. The end-result : a growing repertoire of musical styles that feed Taz’s addiction to his fret board. He sometimes feels a bit breathless, but not fretless, when playing with the likes of Conrad Simon and Louis L. Lévesque, but he’s working hard to play up to speed as part the Conrad Simon Band.


Like most self-respecting music junkies, Taz feeds his bass habit by playing for different projects, each with their distinctive styles: Here / Earthrob (think Porcupine Tree meets Tool meets Southern Rock meets…), Marck T. (instrumental guitar rock in the lines of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani), and Trusted Waters (Indie rock-pop). He’s played and recorded an album with Opusculus, a progressive-rock-metal instrumental band.


He’s also played as a session musician under the direction of respected producers such as Toby Gendron (Robbie Robertson, Éric Lapointe, Jean Leloup, Kevin Parent, Trusted Waters) et Dan Lagacé (Half Moon Run, Robert Charlebois, Daniel Lavoie, Jorane) and for bands such as The Flow Within and Oat Wetted Law.


Also addicted to risk, Taz fearlessly improvises with some of his favourite Montreal peeps: he’s played at Foufoune Électriques’ Peinture en Direct for four years with Skyjam and Les Démons de Tazmanie. TAZ et Cie is Taz’s latest rock-improv group.


2011     “Consonant” / Opusculus (Indie)



2012-…           Marck.T
2012- …          TAZ et Cie
2012- …          Trusted Waters
2011- …          Earthrob — Formerly known as Here (The Band)
2007-2012      Opusculus
2011-2012      Les démons de Tazmanie
2010-2011      Skyjam Project


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