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Louis Lévesque



Louis BioGrowing up in the 70’s, Louis was heavily exposed to hard rock as a child before being drawn to progressive rock and jazz fusion by the time he hit high school, which is precisely the time he first picked up the sticks, making it his lifelong labour of love.


After cutting his teeth with a couple of local bands in the early 80’s, including a Peter Gabriel-era Genesis cover band, Louis made an about-face by joining Montreal hardcore band Unruled, helping them record their first single, “Time Is Running Out” (1984), before joining yet another Mtl-HC band by the name of Genetic Control, cutting tracks for their 7 inch debut titled “First Impressions” (1984) as well as gigging substantially, at times alongside hardcore punk legends Dead Kennedys, Discharge and Suicidal Tendencies, just to name a few.


The following decade and a half was punctuated with stints in a multitude of different acts, some with ensuing demos, such as metal bands Rabid (1988), Mister Monster (1995, 1998), Lizard (1998) or Homicide (1999) among others, as well as many more without any significant recordings. 


The second millenium, however, seemed to rekindle Louis’ career. Starting with the recording of an album and touring Europe and the U.S. with ex-Voivod singer/bassplayer Eric Forrest’s band E-Force (“Evil Forces”, Season Of Mist – 2003), Louis then went on to record another album and tour with Montreal metal band Shiverdown (“End Themes”, Skyscraper Music – 2005), followed by a live album release by Genetic Control (“Brave New World”, Sonic Chicken Shrimp – 2008) coupled with a series of shows, the latest being at the 2013 edition of the NXNE festival in Toronto. Louis also recently recorded an album with Toronto metal band Entropy (“E3”, indie – 2012).


Aside from the “heavy” stuff, Louis also has a budding history with “guitar heroes”: touring Europe with solo guitarist Borislav Mitic (Shrapnel Records, Lion Music), as well as recording and touring with solo guitarist Marck.T (“Hanckcious”, Unicorn Digital – 2010) before finally joining the Conrad Simon Band.


2012     E3 / Entropy (Indie)

2010     Hanckcious / Mark.T (Unicorn Digital)
2008     Brave New World / Genetic Control (Sonic Chicken Shrimp) 
2005     End Themes / Shiverdown (Skyscraper Music) 
2003     Evil Forces / E-Force (Season Of Mist) 
1984     First Impressions / Genetic Control (Generic Records)
1984     Time Is Running Out / Unruled (Indie)


Borislav Mitic European Tour

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