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Derrière l’objectif n ° 1

Derrière l’objectif n ° 1

By Laura Morency

July 10th, 2013

First CSB photo shooting. Saturday morning of a sunny day of july. I woke up the morning of the shoot and felt like “hell in a hand basket”; I was nauseous and tired and had maybe slept an hour due to the unbearable heat of Montreal. (Did I mention I was 14 weeks pregnant?J) Despite this, I had a job to do and I wasn’t about to let my team down. I had a shower, got ready and tried to focus myself on the day’s task. There was a change of plans, we were going in a different direction today then we originally planned….. “What’s the plan?” “We’re just going to walk around and find something”. Normally, I’m not too enthused about this way of shooting but as I was already feeling horrible I thought “What the hell, just go with it Laur.”

Jo and I made our way to the bus with my equipment strapped to our backs and the heat surrounding us from all angles, I kept thinking “How in the world am I going to pull this off?” We finally made it to Caro and Conrad’s apartment and as soon as Caro opened the door, all was well. The guys were outside practicing with their instruments and as always we were waiting for Louis to arrive ; ) . As soon as I saw everyone together, it was like I had just spent the morning in a spa sipping on a strawberry smoothie. I was ready, I felt great and once Louis arrived our little family was complete and I felt rejuvenated and pumped up to finally do this shoot.

Now what? Where do we go? As the others were getting ready, I decided to make my way into the neighborhood to scope out a place to shoot the guys. I knew what my vision was I just needed the perfect wall to make it come to life. I walked a few blocks and saw a few walls that would work but nothing jumped out at me. I kept walking. I turned the corner and saw exactly what I was looking for. A little graffiti, some metal work and an old brick wall….. Perfect. It’s artsy, it’s dirty, it’s going to make these boys pop out! I then headed back to round up the others and get this session started.

As we made our way to our hidden gem, Jo kept suggesting to me other places to shoot, but I knew that once he saw what I had in mind he’d agree it was perfect. At this point I’ve learned to trust my eye and follow my instincts I was not worried about their reaction. Once we arrived at our photographic destination, everyone agreed it was great and that this location would achieve what we were all envisioning in our minds. The great thing about our little family is that for the most part we are usually on the same page.

As I began to set up, I realized I had forgotten about my morning sickness and the heat, these guys always seem to make you feel driven and focused, maybe that’s because that’s what they are. Passionate about their band and experienced enough to know exactly what they want. I began to shoot and it was so easy, the guys took my direction so well and were starting to relax and have a lot of fun with it. This made me relax and have a lot of fun with it. The guys were great and I’m really excited to see where our next project is going to take us. At this moment I realized what a great team we all make and that this band that I’ve already grown to love is only headed somewhere truly incredible. I’m just happy I can be a part of it and this is really only the beginning.


CSB Official photographer

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