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The Origin
As far back as he can remember, Conrad Simon has always had the desire to give the world a glimpse of his vision of the Universe. A world influenced by Mi’kmaq lore, about the power of the invisible and parallel worlds, told by his ancestors and retransmitted by his brothers. A world influenced by the past and countless nights viewing classics of horror and fantasy, especially by the music that was created there long ago and equally important as the script. Whether the unspeakable creature that lurked in the shadows, a possessed girl or a battlefield where men clashed their weapons, of mythic animals and gods forgotten, everything is possible in the world of Conrad Simon.

While some use stone, paint, pen or film to share their creations, it is music that became the medium for Conrad. Such in the manner of Nosferatu, Exorcist and Carrie, Conrad`s music influences images both haunting and unsettling and like the films brings forth these intense visions in our minds and transforms them into art. Turned director and writer of these strong melodic images, it feeds the imagination of the public with an orgy of musical movements executed with savage grace.

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Composer and guitarist 

Conrad Bio

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Originally from New Brunswick, Conrad Simon is a composer, arranger and guitar virtuoso. He is the 16th child from a family of 19, and it is through his siblings he became aware of the music diversity the Simon household had acquired in the vinyl records collection. His passion for guitar developed during his teenage period when one of his brothers offered him a guitar for his birthday. Since then, he never stopped creating master pieces.

In 1996 he was recruited by Yamaha Canada Music to perform guitar clinics across the country, and during that same year he recorded and released his first progressive rock instrumental CD entitled “Instrumezzo”. Since then, his passion for composition and guitar led him to release three other solo albums. His last album “The Wrath of Con” would later elevate his name to cult status of the underground world by showcasing over the top emotional intensity and ultra clean picking. It won Simon excellent reviews from fans and established guitarists alike. In 2007 Conrad Simon was invited to participate in a major guitar documentary film from New-York producer Troy Grady called “Cracking the Code – The secrets of shred guitar”. In 2012, he performed live and recorded a rock instrumental album with Batabeat, an instrumental experimental rock album in homage to the famous horror writer Patrick Senecal, the Quebec Stephen King. 

To date, Conrad Simon has participated in several projects as sound designer and music composer. Among them worth mentioning is a musical adaptation of Vivaldi’s Summer Presto for the movie documentary “Storm” from Warren Miller Entertainment, US ;  publicity trailers for the events “Homage to Patrick Senecal” and “Homage to Richard Desjardins” ; and just recently, soundtracks for the exhibit If They Came From Within presented during Fantasia Film Festival 2012 in Montreal. Those soundtracks were based on faux horror movies synopsis presented to Rue Morgue Magazine. This project became the foundation of the Conrad Simon Band.


2014    EP 2014 / The Conrad Simon Band (Independant)

2012    Projet Senécal / Batabeat (Indépendant)

2006    The Wrath of Con / Solo Album (Indépendent)

1999    Electric Mysteries of the Sky / Solo Album (Independant)

1996    Instrumezzo / Solo Album (Independant)

1995    Bite the Wax Tadpole / Solo Album (L.A. Records)

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